Effective Haircare Methods You Should Know

Dear coily curly queen,


How are you and your gorgeous locks doing?, Sorry for my long absence, I have been extremely busy getting married, yes yours truly is now a mrs, and while it feels good to be a mrs somebody i may just be realising the resposiblities that come with it, which are enormous by the way , still struggling to come to terms with the new found role as ‘’Wifey’’, lol.

Anyways, It does feel like a new channel has been open for me, in a way that the african society recognises and likes to use to its own advantage for example, being a married woman in Nigeria gets you respect among the folks, you are automatically elevated to a new status overnight and people will address you different , its very amusing when your suddenly hear ‘Madam ’ from people who called your name directly without permission in the first place, lol, and I get the feeling that its going to be a very interesting ride, which we will be talking about as we go along on this journey.

Now down to the business of the day, we have just gone past the harmattan which is akin to winter in colder climates and are now in the raining season,or spring season if you like, am curious to know how you coped with your tresses during the hamarttan , did you find it easy or difficult to maintain? For me, the weather was so dry here in Abuja that I had a hard time keeping it( still no name yet) moisturised , I did find a way though after so many trials, in fact I discovered 3 methods that worked perfect depending on how often its uses, these methods ensured that my hair was constantly moisturised and did not break unessesarily , we discuss it shortly.

Hey naturalhairess, does your hair feel dry and limp? Does it tangle easily?, are you experiencing breakage or hair loss? Have you kept a weave or braids for long periods at a stretch? Any of these method of natural hair care, included in your regimen will help regain life and shine in your hair.

The Greenhouse Effect Method ( GHE) : This means applying natural oils or butter to hair and covering with a shower cap and a scarf before going to sleep or simply wearing both for a long period of time, This method aims to grow hair from the scalp directly by creating a sort of steamy, warm environment for your hair just like is done with plants! it aims to stimulate growth using the natural sebum produced by your scalp, It is reasoned that with the cap on for longer hrs than the usual deep conditioning time, the heat created will help increase blood circulation retains moisture, which will in turn prevent breakage or hair loss. How smart is that? Lol, sounds weird but studies have shown that it is quite effective at facilitating hair growth as well as moisture retention. Below is a video to practice with if you like.

elohor 302 I used cling film in this pics.

This could also work..

Oil Rinse Method ORM: Involves coating your hair in a huge amount of oil( any type of oil will do) right after washing /shampooing , allowing it to sit for about 10 / 20 minutes before rinsing of with lukewarm water , and proceeding to condition as usual finally rinsing with cool water. Its is a most recommended treatment for dry hair, having used it myself on and off, on several occasions. It is also very effective in combating single strand knots.


Protective styling : Any style that will leave your hair ends well tucked in, moisturised protected from the natural elements and manipulation free for a long period of time is refered to as protective styling, it could be in form of twists, braids,buns or flat twists. Do take note that this doesn’t involve extension braids and weaves as they ultimately to do the opposite in practice.

The above two methods are totally different in application ancd will be effective in various conditions, If you are a homebody, a stay home mom, or someone that works from home the Greenhouse Effect will work perfect for you because it means you can keep your hair tied up for longer period, while the oil rince method will serve if you have little time on hands, work an 8-5 like me, and have a tight schedule.

As you know, in the natural hair world once a method works for you it becomes a keeper. My hubby would say “why change a winning team”?, there is no point reinventing the wheel if it works, its sounds cliché, I know, but there’s truth in it, these methods saw me through the most “drying periods” of my hair’s life and have now been included in my monthly regimen, I’ve tested and tried them that’s how I know they are effective,but hey , it doesn’t have to be harmattan or winter time for you to try them, our hair goes through different phrases at different times, its very important to keep track and know when to apply any of these methods, for example, hair that is just 3-4 inches long old is obviously easy to maintain and doesn’t need a protective style, its already low, and maintenance is all it requires is to be constantly moisturised and properly hydrated.

While a long haired natural who constantly battles with dry ends, tangling or fiery knots would need to oil rinse every now and often to prevent split ends and breakage. Its all about attentiveness dearest.

My next post will tackle caring for your hair in heat and humid weather which is what we are presently experiencing in this part of the world.

Till then, chacha curly, and keep being kind to that beautiful mane of yours.

The Henna Treatment: For Shinier, Stronger Natural Hair

Dear, lovely curly, coily, heiress,

I do hope you‘ve been nice to your hair these past few weeks, it takes a lot of patience to groom your natural hair and you know what they say ‘’patience is a virtue’’ we all need to learn, being a natural has helped me learn to be a more patient person. My fiancé used to say l had the long but thin kind of patience, that was before I went natural, now l do much better and he tells me that too! though am not there yet, still a work in progress, l’ve come to realize and understand that patience will do much for you than any other virtue, why you may ask? Well, because as humans we face challenges every day, all sorts of challenges, but the trick is everything has a time frame or span, nothing remains the same , how we react or act in these circumstances we face determines whether we are going to come out on top or at a loss.
Patience helps you think before acting and this can go a long way in our daily decision making processes. So my friend, instead of getting all worked up over that issue, losing your cool, and saying things that you will definitely regret later on, let patience help you take a deep breath and walk away, or help you see things from the other person’s point of view then you can understand why the person acted in such a manner and think of a better approach to the situation, you see?

Becoming a natural has helped me see the diversity in life and people, we all have different hair types, are all created different, unique not necessarily bad or good. These and many more lessons l’ve learned in my 14months of natural living.

Now down to my post for the week HENNA. Two months ago I did a henna treatment and l’ve been itching to make a post about it, not just because I feel it’s necessary to talk about henna but because I needed to share my experience with you. This wasn’t my first time but it was by far my most enjoyable experience doing the henna treatment. Why it is i can’t say, but i suspect because my hair was much longer than before, or may be I got over the stress of the first time.

Photos of henna powder and henna plant

Henna is a kind of natural dye; it consists of ground up leaves from the henna tree, also known as the Egyptian privet or the mignonette tree, here in Northern Nigeria its called laali.

Henna has been used since antiquity to dye skin, hair, and fingernails, as well as fabrics including silk, wool, and leather. The name is used in other skin and hair dyes, such as black henna and neutral henna, neither of which are derived from the henna plant, The only dye molecule in henna (Lawsonia Inermis) in sufficient quantity to stain hair is Lawsone , which is a red-orange molecule. Any company that claims they create the wide range of henna colors with 100% henna, using roots, bark, or other parts of the henna plant to achieve their colors is not telling you the truth.
Only henna leaves are useful for dying hair, and other parts of the henna plant do not dye hair other colors. Chemicals, metallic salts or other plants must be added to henna to make any colour other than red.

This is a deep conditioning treatment, in which henna powder is mixed with other oil, be it carrier or essential oils, to give colour to natural hair. It may also alter your hair pattern by way of loosening it.
Henna is the answer to anyone who is seeking a natural lifestyle or who wants to dye their hair without the drawbacks of harsh chemicals.

How it’s done: This was my process – l boiled some water and put a black tea bag in it, when the tea had cooled off a bit (warm) poured some in a disposable container (always use something you can discard in case you get too lazy to wash, i don’t like to washout henna afterwards) I then added two table spoons of henna dye, a tea spoon of olive oil and coconut oil , this is because dying with henna could strip the hair a bit, you ll understand soon. Stirred the mixture very well and let sit for about 10 to 15 minutes.

henna 029

Next, I parted my hair in three sections and wearing a glove, applied henna to my hair by section, allowed to sit for about 45mins only because i had an emergency, one can sit with henna for as long as wished, the longer amount of time spent the more can be gotten from the dye.

henna 031henna 032
Parting your hair in section makes for easy application of henna.

Now washing henna out of your hair is where the real work is, for me, I simply allow the sink to fill with water and deep my head in it for as many times as it would take to get the henna out, deep and drain, fill with water again and repeat the process. It might take about 7 to ten rinses depends on how big your sink is…See why the oil is important?

henna 034.
if you look properly, you can still see traces of the henna leaves..it goes with the terrain.

After my hair had been well rinsed enough (for me), I applied my condish, let it sit for another 1hour before rinsing off. Moisturizing, sealing and styling completes the whole process.

The outcome? : My curls came out looser and lighter, my boss commented on how ‘’darker my hair looked’’, also I could see some red highlights especially in the sun plus my hair got shinier!

henna 006
henna 008
Photos of my washango right after doing the henna treatment

Thinking of doing the Henna treatment?

Purchase your henna or laali from your local market, it’s sure to be the real version.
Despite the greatness of henna, the major downfall is ease of use. Henna has a grainy texture making it messy and more difficult to apply. It also seemed to take a long time to wash out in the shower, so be prepared.
Henna dye should last about eight weeks in your hair, it fades out over time.

Is it worth it? – it definitely was for me, I plan to do it every 3 months because of the enormous benefits. It’s a win- win situation for me.

Henna benefits

The Henna plant

Henna’s coloring properties are due to lawsone, a burgundy organic compound that has an affinity for bonding with protein.

Strengthens hair from the roots

Adds shine that lasts

Chemical dyes are not only VERY damaging to hair, they can also cause scalp burns, allergic reactions, and recently studies have linked long term use to cancer, henna is a perfect alternative.

Henna contains antifungal and antibacterial properties, some sort of natural protection.

Hope you had a good read, until my next post, Keep rocking that natural heiress!