Glad to be Back !

Dear Coily Curly Queen,

My life has been a rollercoaster of activities since the last time l posted here in 2015, From pregnancy, to having my beautiful baby girl ( who is now 3yrs old by the way) to switching jobs, to learning more about myself and my hair, Mixing motherhood and a full time job is not for the faint hearted you know, Although l do find it interesting at the same time…. never a dull moment! but it can really suck the life out of you if you aren’t careful.

I can literally count on my fingertips the number of times i have had to myself to do a body bath/ scrub, it used to be a part of my monthly body care routine,but that was ages ago..hahaha, these days l just rush in and rush out from the bathroom, besides l now have my very own personal body guard who loves to follow me everrrrywhere.

Its truly amazing!

In the course of these 3 years l have had the opportunity to see things from a fresh point of view and made certain decisions that might be seen as drastic, one of these was the decision to straighten my hair, Yas, i put the white cream on it ! please dont judge the judge. lol

Why did i do it? did i go crazy or what? Was i frustrated with my hair ? …A colleague of mine nearly fainted when l appeared at work in the newyear of 2018 all creamed up.. lol, no, not now ? i mean really? you choose to do this now, when the natural hair campaign has began to see the light of day, making significant progress all over the globe?. These days everyone has or is going natural you see, it makes no sense!

Well, I intend to tell you all about the why in my next post, do stay tuned.

Thinking of becoming a natural hair diva?

Hey beauties,

i penned this down a few years ago but never got around to sharing, i still think its valid and thought to share, by the way lovelies, i am back and better !

One of the reasons i decided on having this blog is to help other ladies like myself who want to groom their natural hair to do so…throughout the course of my journey i will be sharing photos, experimenting with my self and my hair, and promoting healthy hair and body/mind development tips with other naturals, i hope also to be able to share my natural experiences with my natural friends, i figure that by so doing we will get to our destinations faste and easier, ever heard the saying ” walk alone and you ll walk faster walk together and you will walk farther”?

phone photos 148

Our Natural hair is our heritage, our gift from the ought to be well cared for like every other parts of our do this we need to change our mindset,change our perception that Natural hair is ugly, difficult and unmanageable..that is misguided information that we have been brought up with. it serves us no purpose other than to make us conform to obnoxious standards and definitions of beauty.

Yours truly ,