Facial Challenges

Hellooo lovely hairesses, sorry l’ve been silent on you guyz, this chica here has been feeling too lazy to blog, i know, am ashamed of myself. In my own defence;i do have a big project in the works,i felt the time was ripe for me to get more specific with my posts as oppose to just random gisting, reason its taking a while to make that post i talked about. Information gathering / experimental research is no joke i tell ya, its time consuming, so i ve resolved to make it easy, two detailed posts a month on a specific hair subject, including random posts about my daily ”hairtivities” and lifestyle how about that huh? Now a quick run down of what me and hair has been up to.

For some weeks now i ve been suffering from ”oil blocking my pores disease” dunno what that is but its been really terrible, my pores got enlarged and began producing more sebum than i could control,during this time, i tried everything from regular face steaming, scrubbing, to oil cleansing( which i have been experimenting for more than 6 months now) but my face just would not stop producing extra oil(sebum) and my pores became very visible, especially around my cheeks and chin areas..it looked hoooorrible. l’ve always had an oily face, its the one thing that got me interested in skin and facial care, in short the whole beauty thing, the only time i discovered that my face isn’t too oily is when i use a lightnening agent, then my large looking pores seems smaller and barely noticeable, the moment i stop using a lightener it starts producing oil again which is very frustrating, when it gets like this friends, its all i can think about, what can i do? i d rather have a dry face with smoother skin than this oily face! take a look at the photo below.

face and others 018

Needless to say i’ve gained some sort of control over the situation (Major prob huh?) by using a 3 step facial cleansing method i got from my search with the help of the glorious internet; Cleansing, Exfoliating and Moisturising.i also realise that i was paying it(my face) too much attention and decided to do a once all deep facial clay cleanse, exfoliate with olive oil and brown sugar scrub( home-made),olive oil because i was out of honey and finished of with an eggwhite and lemon mask solution ( home-made as well), egg white to heal skin due to the bruises it had gotten from my constant squeezing, and lemon because its a natural Skin Lightener. here’s how it looks after the facial treatment..

face and others 033
Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh still not the way it should look, is there anyone out there that has a similar problem, have you found a way to control/ combat it? i would very much appreciate some more advice in that direction

Meanwhile Miss fussy (me) was too busy paying attention to her scrawny face, that she totally abandoned her hair,yeah i left my hair in wash n gos for most part of the two weeks which was ok, but the downside is that by the end of both weeks, My hair was all tangled and knotted up that i had such a hard time on wash day ..made me realise that the longer my hair grows the more attention and care it needs. i promise to do that for the reminder of the hair’s life.lol.

face and others 024face and others 020


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