My natural hair in Braidouts…

Hey friends, kwana biyu! like we say up north, ( means two days in hausa, its used when you havent seen someone in a while ) , been a while since my last post eh, i just realised that, and thought to share what l’ve been up to with my hair (still thinking of a name for it), i want to name it because i feel like it is different from me, my hair behaves the way it wants to behave, like its got a mind of its own, almost like a person..and there’s nothing i can do about it! I wake up some days and it’s just plain flat, others it’s vibrant and happy,wants to be touched and played with, and some days just plain ‘ol untameable(bad hair days) lol, those are the days i just put on a scarf and head out not minding who’s staring.Understanding your hair is KEY to NATURAL HAIR GROWTH AND MAINTENANCE.

Presently my hair seems really happy, it’s been washed and conditioned over the weekend and left in braids for two days, decided to take down braids this morning, here are the photos of the braidout.

myhair 103 030 myhair 103 037 myhair 103 035

Upclose :
myhair 103 033 myhair 103 041

Luckily for me i had already done a trial on friday last week, but it was more of the chunky braidout cos i didn’t have the time, it was done while my hair was dry, as oppose to semi -wet like the one above,and guess what? the results were quite different, i feel it has something to do with the dry twisting. here’s how it looks….what do you think?

myhair 103 017 myhair 103 020myhair 103 008

One of the main reasons i chose to blog about my hair was to share my experiences with beautiful ladies interested in grooming their natural hair, by showing them my procceses using myself as an experiment so to speak, i ve only been natural for 14 months this April and as you can see my hair is growing, it looks/is healthy too, how would i know you might ask, well i hope to make a post next time about Healthy Natural Hair for you all to understand and know how/if you growing healthy hair or not, not as an expert oh…just going to do some researching, then we can compare notes if you like.

KK loves, time’s to you guyz soon , cha cha!!!


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