Old twists outs=New hairstyle

Hello everyone, welcome to the month of April, how did your 1st day in April go? were you april-fooled? ha..i was so busy i forgot that such a trick exists, l remember it though like it was yesterday how we used to do ”April fool” as kids? ..my time does fly really fast doesn’t it?, and this year seems to be in a rush, cant figure out why, very soon we’ll be in june( Mid-Year) and after that before you say bingo its end of the year again, why am i lamenting? don’t mind me it’s just my usual fussy nature at play, But the truth is i feel like the days are counting really fast, like life ‘s leaving me behind, am i the only one? am thinking here i am cramped up all day in my office, shifting papers when there’s so much going on outside, i feel like there’s so much more i can do and should be doing the earlier i get started the better for me,not getting any younger..sigh* sorry to bother you with my worries, down to the business of the day.

l’d promised to show y’all photos of the two different hairstyles that i would do with my last twist out( check out last posts) well…am pleased to let you know that am fulfilling my promise, below are photos of what i did with my hair on the 2nd & 3rd day of my twistouts..hope you ll like em..

outing 001outing 002

outing 003outing 004

On the 3rd day , i had a wedding to attend and as confused as i usually am , i surprised my self by turning the same style above into something presentable and cute, here it is..i was very proud of the outcome..got alot of nice comments too,What do you think?

outing 012outing 014

For me it’s not necessary to twists my hair every day,i like to twists only on wash days and try as much as possible to keep the twists for the week , it’s called low manipulation, a way of keeping ”hands out of hair”, less manipulation= less breakage = length retention..these i ve learnt. For the time being (might change it as my hair grows longer) i wash my hair once every week which is usually on Saturdays, ll love to be able to improve it to twice in a week though, However when ever i wash i use my original dudu osun as shampoo, dark and lovely leave-in moisturizer water based, which is good since 4b hair loves moisture, then i usually seal with my homemade shea-butter mix which contains some other oils such as coconut oil, and olive oil.

Friends, I’ve got to go ..break time’s over so I’ll chat with you again tomorrow..cha cha lovelies!


4 thoughts on “Old twists outs=New hairstyle

  1. Mine isn’t as long as yours but I so love my natural hair. I loved the wedding look better though. Will try using dudu oshun but also get a good leave in conditioner for moisture especially in this our very hard weather condition.

    • Off course,gotta love your hair and dudu osun is good for it because it cleanses without striping your hair/body of its natural oil…thanks for stoping by.

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