Twist -outs : my favourite ‘go to’ hairstyle.

So, i was feeling a bit stronger and decided to do a twistout for the remaining days of the week. what did i do? …I co washed, conditioned (with my leave-in) and sealed with my home made shea butter mix, twisted and left for two days cos i want it to last… oh and i added a dash of olive oil for shine.

Here’s what it looks like on day one.

My hair 102 008My hair 102 006

I realised it would look better styled upwards as opposed to downwards cos i have a round/full face, so i redid it , you should see the difference in the next photos…which do you think is better?

My hair 102 024My hair 102 019

I am going to make an effort to keep these in for the remaining 2 workdays of the week by sleeping with a satin scarf at night, and oiling and restyling it every morning. You bet i ll post photos of the styles i ll be doing..catch ya later!


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