Making the transition to Natural hair : Conquering the ”fears”


The above quote transcends, reason i chose it, although i rephrased it to”KNOW YOUR HAIRITAGE”which is more apprioprate for my post today.

Most of us of us that have gone natural know and have experienced how difficult it could be taking this step, you want to, but your mind gives you a 10001 reasons why you can’t, the reason is simply because you have been conditioned to see natural hair as a taboo, ( only for deeper life people) or people who are not exposed, you start thinking how you ll manage and style it, ”maybe i wont look good in it”, l went through all these emotions too so i can tell you that its absolutely normal to feel that way. its normal that after all these years you ve been fed with ”natural hair is hard”, ”its unmanageable”,”its ugly”, ”its only for the poor” you would entertain prejudice about it but hey lets look at it carefully, THAT SO CALLED ”unmanageable” HAIR was given by your maker and creator…he said he made all things beautiful and that includes our black strong kinky coily or nappy hair! furthermore conformity is not normal..the holy scriptures say be ye transformed not conformed.l’ve seen that no race or people on earth tries to change/look like another except the blacks isnt this a sign of inferiority ? isnt its a crime against your creator for you not to appreciate what you ve been given, nuture it in the best possible way?

Personally i see beauty in nature and everything natural, and i believe that if nature is beautiful, so is our natural hair,i try as much as possible to ignore the media’s interpretation of who and what i should look like to be called a human being. i ve realised that the real me in all my glory is far more beautiful than any kim kadashian or beyonce on stage. I ve accepted my hair as a gift , my inheritance and good fortune which i ll inturn pass to my children just as its has been passed down to me.

I ve also acquired a certain level of knowledge about my natural hair and can testify to its versatility which is beyond words hence this all of us natural beauties can see and appreciate what it is we have been given as African queens and teach it to our children ..its only when we appreciate and harness our true gifts and nature that we can contribute meaningfully to the our environment.

Friends, the best things in life are is our hair! lets step up our game as African beauties not African-indians or African-brazilians..lets tap into our inner reserve of beauty we’ ve been given and shine through. Adios!


2 thoughts on “Making the transition to Natural hair : Conquering the ”fears”

  1. Well said!!! Its so sad how we have been conditioned to hate ourselves, on so many levels, including hair, it so sad. Glad to see another natural woman on the journey to break the chain!!

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