Interesting write-up, i do admire the writer’s style and ease of expression. its common fact that the white skin is being idolised to the detriment of the black skin..we need writers like this to constantly remind us that the media doesnt nessesarily carry the right/best information..blacks/Africa need more information on their history.We do not know ourselves enough to value who/what to the world.


By Athambile Masola

I’m not a fan of glossy magazines. I often buy one when I’m mentally exhausted and I’m looking for something frivolous to peruse and perhaps bitch over— “why does their skin look like plastic?” or I’m trying to build up a stock of magazines I will need for a classroom activity. Recently I purchased a copy of True Love Magazine. It seems I’m only ever drawn to buying this magazine when Lira is the front cover girl.

While trying to make a choice of which magazine would be the object of my scorn, I had a Biko[1] moment. This is the moment when the racism alert button goes off in my brain and I have to question myself: are you imagining the problem in this situation? While scanning the magazines on display (lets say more than 10 women’s magazines) only three magazines had black women…

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