Fabulous February( 1yr natural)

The month of fabulous february has made me 1yr natural yipeeee!!! how has the journey been so far?….i ll tell you its been unexpectedly fun. At first i was really sceptical about my image and what people who knew me would say especially loved onces and family members but once i looked into myself and answered ”my questions” satisfactorily in my head i was able to move forward. l asked myself 3 questions:

1. Why am l choosing to go natural?

2. How would i sustain it?

3. Will i be happy?

Answering these questions to myself was a stepping stone to overcoming all my inhibitions and self conciousness.

Going natural for me just happened the way a lot of things in my life ”just happens” , i had been perming my hair since secondary school(high school),and it only seemed to be getting shorter the more l relax the shorter it went,  made me always dread relaxing days..you know that fear that comes with anticipation, the hair always reverted back 2 days after and people would be like ”did you say you just retouched your hair?…it was totally fustrating! plus the fact that l ve always admired women with long hair but never knew it was possible for me. So,  l decided to go on the internet do some research about ways i could help my hair, thats when i found a whole world of beautiful curly african women and i knew it was possible . In a nut shell.. l went natural to save myself the hassles of the relaxing process and to grow healthy long hair.

How i would sustain it was an even easier challenge, what are the basic ingredients needed for hair growth? Water and Oils …yes thats all! i also discovered  while going through my research that my hair needs only moitsure and a condusive environment to thrive, just like a plant! As for styling , l constantly browse the  natural hair community websites and blogs for inspiration, and so far so good. I am very happy that i do not have to look like the next lady to be noticed, l can be myself , keep my own hair and look like me, do me.


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